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Criminal Crafts + Macabre Gingerbread People

I first saw the book Criminal Crafts: Outlaw Projects for Scoundrels, Cheats, and Armchair Detectives¬†in the gift shop during my recent visit to the Mob Museum in Las Vegas. I am a huge fan of craft books with off kilter … Continue reading

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DIY Terrariums

When it comes to tending to house plants, I’ve been known to have a brown thumb. I’ve even managed to kill an aloe plant in the past, which is nearly impossible to do. Fortunately, there’s a way for non-green thumbs … Continue reading

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HTML, XHTML & CSS for Dummies

In the past, I have avoided reading books in the Dummies series. I think it has to do with my intellectual pride. Also, there are several things, such as raising chickens, acrylic painting and organic gardening that I’d rather learn … Continue reading

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Telling My Story

The story of my life may be told in the places I’ve been. A summer spent in Chile working at several archaeology sites. The home in Kisumu, Kenya that welcomed me as a guest for 10 weeks during my graduate … Continue reading

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DIY Flour Tortillas

Because many brands of store-bought tortillas these days feature suspicious ingredients such as cellulose gum, proprionic acid, dextrose and amylase, I’ve been wanting to try to make my own tortillas for some time. With the Cinco de Mayo holiday just … Continue reading

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