Bet on the Farm – Vegas Farmers’ Market

Last week, I wrote about my desire to eat more locally produced foods. Difficult as this is living in the Las Vegas valley, I do believe it is possible. Today my parents and I checked out the local Bet on the Farm Farmers’ Market (aka Molto Vegas Farmers’ Market). This farmers’ market is held every Thursday from 11 am – 1 pm at 7485 S. Dean Martin Road Suite 106 (just west of the Strip and I-15 and north of Blue Diamond Highway). Situated in a business complex/strip mall in the industrial part of town, this indoor market seems an unlikely location for a farmers’ market, but the parking lot was packed full of cars.

If the 100+ people crowding into this small warehouse didn’t give the location away, a chalkboard sign at the entrance does.

Having gone to a few other farmers’ markets in the Las Vegas valley in the past, I had previously walked away disappointed on the lack of actual food. This was not the case at Bet on the Farm, a Vegas foodie’s paradise. Crammed into this tiny space were produce from Quail Hollow Farm in Overton, NV and what appeared to be a large farm from California; dates and pastries from China Ranch in Tecopa, CA; homemade pasta, marinara and parmesan cheese from Chef Marc’s Pastavino & Deli in Las Vegas; fresh made bread from Bon Breads in Las Vegas; locally roasted coffee from Colorado River Coffee Roasters in Boulder City, NV; herbal health teas from Bloomin’ Desert Herb Farm; and other small-scale locally produced goods.

I was quite pleased with how far my $40 went –  organic spinach and garlic fettuccine, dates, kalamata olive bread, arugula, cucumber, lemons, jalapenos, coffee, lemon balm/nettle/dandelion tea blend, and cherry tomatoes. Good eating for at least  couple days and every thing comes from either southern Nevada or just across the border in eastern California!

Some tips if you’re a first timer:

  • The vendors only accept cash, so make sure you’re well prepared and leave the credit cards at home.
  • We got there right at 11 a.m. and the market was pretty crowded. It had thinned out considerably by the time we left at 11:30 a.m. While getting there early means a better selection of food items, arriving a little later may mean avoiding the crowds.
  • Most vendors did have plastic bags to give out with your purchases, but I would recommend bringing a large reusable bag or basket. This helps to cut down on waste and is easier to carry if you buy from a lot of different vendors.
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2 Responses to Bet on the Farm – Vegas Farmers’ Market

  1. I lived in Boulder city up until a few years ago and loved visiting the farmers markets in the area.There was always such a wide variety of locally grown produce that it was hard not to go home with bags of stuff.Have you heard about the Senate bill S510?You seem to enjoy buying organic from local farmers and I thought you might be interested..its on quite a few of the blogs Ive looked at today.Your farmers markets may be a thing of the past if this goes through.

    • beckyajohnson says:

      Thanks for the heads up on S.510. I hadn’t previously heard of it, and just read the summary on the Library of Congress’ website ( There is a companion bill in the house as well (H.R. 1332). I’ll have to read more about this.

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