DSCN2108 Welcome to my blog!

I have previously tried to become a niche blogger, but that doesn’t suit my personality too well. That said, my blog generally features posts on my love of food, reading, travel, and my quest to live a healthy, sustainable and socially-responsible life.

I am originally from Las Vegas, but I’ve also lived in Chile, Kenya, South Africa and Switzerland. I currently reside in rural southern Oregon, where I work as a registered dietitian.

Contact me at beckyajohnson13@gmail.com


3 Responses to About

  1. LOU MADDEN says:

    Hi Becky
    Just a note to tell you I am enjoying your blog posts. I subscribed about a month ago after I ran across your description of the Great Basin NP trip. I then spent a few nights at Wheeler Peak Campground. Then discovered your interest in Africa, which I share (former swahili liguist stationed in Eritrea for 5 years – a long time ago). I liked very much what you had to say in your blog on the HIV Conference. Now I discover your anthropology training as well (me too – degrees from GWU in DC – also a long time ago). These days I’m retired and traveling, living in a 15 ft. trailer all over the west, from one dig to another lately.

    I don’t think I’ll be baking anytime soon but might try the vodka infusion. Thanks for the refreshing well crafted posts.


    • beckyajohnson says:

      Hi Lou,

      Nice to meet a fellow anthropologist, and I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog. Enjoy your travels throughout the west. That’s something I’d like to do someday as well. There’s so many places even in Nevada that I haven’t seen.


  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

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