Topless Vampires? Only in Vegas

Although I live in Las Vegas, I rarely get out and do touristy activities around the Las Vegas Strip. Normally, I only visit this famous Las Vegas street when we have visitors from out of town, which was the case this past weekend. With my husband’s cousin and BFF staying at the Stratosphere Casino, they had access to half-price tickets for the topless vampire review show BITE. With regular-price tickets at $50 bucks a pop, $25 tickets for a Las Vegas show are a complete steal.

Topless vampires you may think? In Vegas we already have X-rated pirates and a naughty hypnotist, and aren’t vampires also sexy? I read a review of the show in advance in the Las Vegas Review Journal, which gave the show a “C,” so my expectations weren’t very high. I also read that audience participation is part of the show, and since I hate audience participation, I made sure to eat lots of honey-garlic chicken wings for dinner just before the show so as to be undesirable and ward off the curse of the vampire.

The show’s half-dozen vampires dance to a mix of 80s rock music, and with their unsynchronized choreography we wondered if they were (a) A-rated Vegas show rejects, (b) second-string BITE dancers on-board to replace the main dancers who had been given Easter off to spend time with their families, or if (c) they too had enjoyed the bottomless happy hour at the Stratosphere’s C-Bar prior to the show. In this age of implants and plastic surgery (especially in Vegas), I was however pleased to see that most, if not all, of the dancers still had their real boobies in tact.

It was a good thing that I was not selected for the audience participation piece, because unlike the girl who was ultimately selected to be the creepy Lord Vampire’s bride, I had forgotten to wear an easy-to-rip-off Velcro dress with matching bikini underneath. Men attending the show should be wary as well. The man they picked from the audience to entertain the topless vampires was required to do acrobatics from a hanging rope Cirque du Soleil style. Alternatively, one could sing cheesy 80s songs like ‘Come Sail Away,’ while the topless vampires do interpretative dances behind you.

Although some people in our party wanted to walk out of the show due to the huge cheese factor, the show was very stereotypical Vegasy and I think it was worth the $25 ticket (but not the full $50). To enjoy the show to the fullest possible extent, do check out the bottomless happy hour inside the Stratosphere from 4 – 8 pm daily, even though you may regret it the next morning.

To read an alternative review of the show, check out my husband’s blog here.

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  1. shortbuswonderkid says:

    Becky J
    You are awesomo! I love reading your blog. Keep on keeping it real.

    Big J

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