Portland Shamrock Run

Running the Portland Shamrock Run has been on my bucket list for quite some time. While not quite as cool as being in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day, Portland puts on a great showing.

Last year’s St. Patrick’s Day:


This year’s St. Patrick’s Day:

Shamrock Run 029

Because I am always up for the biggest challenge, I signed up for the 15 km race. Also, it was the same price as the 8 km and 5 km races, so I received more miles per dollar (or something like that). Additionally, the 15k was the only race where finishers received a medal that doubled as a beer opener.

Shamrock Run 030The biggest challenge of the race for most is the 3-ish miles run over the “Terwilliger Curves.” The above picture was actually taken at the Mile 4 water stop, as many people slowed to a walk. I actually found the downhill portions to be more difficult, and I am sure my knees will thank me tomorrow.

Shamrock Run 031

The route passed by OHSU, the Veterans’ Administration Hospital and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital — the charity beneficiary of the race. While we didn’t ascend quite as high as during our Council Crest Hike last spring, there were still some great views of the city to be had…

Shamrock Run 034

…and musical entertainment to help the miles fly by.

With over 35,000 runners, the finishers’ area was a bit chaotic, but I did manage to get my complimentary taste of Stanford’s smoked salmon chowder and Widmer Upheaval IPA, to make for a tipsy MAX ride home.

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