Crazy Horse Paris Meets Las Vegas

Last night being our first wedding anniversary, my husband and I wanted to go to a Vegas show. We had initially planned to go to Peepshow at the Planet Hollywood, but we’d heard from several people that the show wasn’t all that great and there wasn’t a lot of peep involved. In addition, the $70-$150 ticket range seemed a bit steep. Then a friend/colleague of mine recommended Crazy Horse Paris at the MGM Grand as being a sexy and intimate show at less cost, and with friends in town from California, we thought we would check it out.

To give you a little background, Le Crazy Horse de Paris is a French cabaret that opened in Paris in the 1950s. The Vegas show is part of the same franchise and combines semi-nude acts with a few variety performances.  J’adore tout les choses français, so I was hooked on this idea as an anniversary celebration.

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you may remember that on Easter Sunday my husband and I went with these same friends to watch the Bite Topless Vampire Show at the Stratosphere. To recap, I gave that show a “C” due to cheesiness and the inability of the dancers to perform in sync (think elementary school drill team).

Though similar in price (Bite was $50, Crazy Horse Paris $60), Crazy Horse Paris was far more sophisticated. An apparent trademark of the Crazy Horse brand, each dancer was relatively the same in height and breast size and the dancers all wore wigs so that they seemed almost identical in appearance. The choreography of the group acts was top-notch and there were also a fair share of solo and small group numbers that were teasingly sexy, while not being profane. For those of you who are T&A fans, there were plenty to be seen. There were also 2 variety acts that featured incredibly talented male performers, one of which included a hilarious ‘short’ tribute to the late Michael Jackson.

Overall I would give this show a B+. The show appeals to both men and women and the biggest draw is the presentation of the female body as an art form accompanied by classy French cabaret music. My only two complaints are the seating arrangements and the beverage costs. We bought our tickets only 1 hour before the performance, and the closest seats available were at a booth in the second row on the right side of the theatre. We were told that all tickets are the same price ($60), and were not warned in advance of the obstructed view of our seats. I would definitely recommend trying to get seats in the middle of the theatre, even if you’re several rows back.

Also, each of us ordered a single drink to toast our anniversary and the tab came to $73 for 5 drinks, which seemed a bit steep. While I admit to ordering the Taittinger champagne, which was one of the pricier items on the menu, $10+ for cocktails made from well brands is a little too much.

For my husband’s take on the show visit his blog. As we’re planning a trip to Paris next year, perhaps eventually we’ll have a comparison to the original Crazy Horse performance.

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