Summer Yoga Challenge

Today I ended my long streak of inactivity and signed up for the Yoga Sanctuary in Las Vegas’ Summer Yoga Challenge. The challenge entails completing 45 yoga classes in 60 days. I really debated about this because I am so frugal and yoga can get to be expensive, but doing the math the challenge came out to only $5 per class and it seems I rarely do anything for myself anymore. The best part is that if I complete the challenge, I get either 2 free classes or 10% off my next yoga package. Since I am goal-oriented and love free stuff, it seems to be a good deal. For my readers in Las Vegas interested in the challenge, you must sign up by July 31st.

My reasons for signing up are many. I’m sad to admit this, but I’ve gained about 7 pounds since my wedding last year, and I wouldn’t mind losing them back. When I started practicing yoga back in 2004 when I lived in South Africa, I used to go 2-3 times per week. I attended classes in Las Vegas at the Yoga Sanctuary with about the same frequency from 2007-2008, but with the wedding planning last year and my limited finances I let it go. I would say the times I have been practicing yoga have been the periods in my life when I have been the most focused. Now I want to regain that focus because lately, as my husband would say, I have been a complete spaz.

I have never practiced yoga with this level of consistency, but now since my money is invested in this challenge, I have to complete this. Today in class, our instructor Heidi referenced the Yoga Sutras, noting that the best way to cure misperception is through consistent, long-term yoga practice. I’m kind of curious to discover where I’m at 60 days from now. Will I be skinnier, better built and more fit? Will I be more focused and super Zen?

So I’m committed, and 60 days from now I’ll report back how far I’ve come on this little experiment.

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